How effective are standing desks for studying?

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Why Standing Desk cause Heel Pain?

If you stand for extended periods, especially in unprotected feet on hard surfaces, the heels can get uncomfortable and fatigued. A hard floor does not provide ideal small changes of the feet and ankles, sort of…

Some Interesting And Amazing Facts About Standing Desks

We have known about the standing desks for the last decade, or if historical texts are to be believed the since about 15th century. We know that excessive sitting is like a slow poison for…

How Are Standing Desks More Beneficial For A Business Compared T0 Ordinary Desks?

It has already been established that standing desks come at a higher cost as compared to ordinary desks. Yet, many business owners believe that standing desks are more beneficial (read: profitable). Now the question that arises is, What makes the standing desks more beneficial for the business?

Benefits Of The Standing Desks

Prolonged sitting is terrible for your health.
Studies have shown that people who sit every day for excessive hours have an increased risk of diabetes, heart disease, weight gain and obesity, and even early death.
This is a major problem for desk job employees because they have to sit for most of the day. Fortunately, standing desks are becoming increasingly popular.

The Standing Desks

The Standing shares tips and strategies to make your workspace comfortable. Excessive sitting causes pain in your back, shoulders, and neck. We help you find out the best standing desks for your work. You will get buying tips, ideas about office ergonomics, and more things related to your health and productivity.

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