It has already been established that standing desks come at a higher cost as compared to ordinary desks. Yet, many business owners believe that standing desks are more beneficial (read: profitable). Now the question that arises is, What makes the standing desks more beneficial for the business? 

If you think that just buying a standing desk will jumpstart your profit index to the stars, you are wrong. This is novice thinking. Whether as an individual consumer or a financial backer, most business owners or a company’s executive bodies think of the long-term gains when choosing to invest in the standing desk. 

Why should you invest in standing desks?

Prolonged sitting and poor ergonomic set-ups are the main reasons behind major workplace injuries and MSDs. According to Liberty Mutuals, one of the largest workers compensation insurance provider, non-fatal workplace injuries cost businesses every year nearly $60 billion in direct cost alone. That means serious non-fatal injuries at the workplace cost $1 billion every week. 33% of this cost borne by the companies is due to MSDs. Studies have also revealed that American employees spend more than six hours of the day frozen to their seats.

Because they are busy with their tasks, desk-job employees typically do not notice the hours pile on—and with this, the pounds add up as well. It may seem harmless at first. But prolonged sitting leads to adding unwanted weight and minor discomforts in the neck and back areas. It could also shorten your life. It shouldn’t b surprising that the “sitting is the new smoking” idea is also getting popular along with standing desks.

Therefore various health researchers and consultants suggest a standing desk instead of a normal desk. Besides the suggestion of health consultants and the fines charged on companies for bad ergonomics by OSHA, there are also other reasons businesses prefer a standing desk instead of an ordinary desk.

Simple reasons why standing desks are beneficial for businesses:

The standing desks are much more than trendy office furniture. Mentioned below are the reasons why standing desks can be more beneficial to the business than an ordinary desk.

  1. A healthier workforce is a more productive workforce:
    Studies conducted by various health associations revealed that standing desks improve employees’ productivity. Employees working while standing on tasks completed them faster and more efficiently than compared to the employees who were sitting throughout their shift. The studies concluded that working while standing with their back straight increased the employee’s productivity by 10%.  Standing desks not just help in improved posture but improve overall health too. Standing desks helps combat adverse health effects of a sedentary lifestyle caused due to excessive sitting. It also helps counteract the risks of employees suffering from back pain, neck pain, shoulder aches, wrist pain, obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, etc. Increased productivity is not the only help employees get from standing desks, but also being more focused and alert at work. Standing also helps employees be more creative.
  2. Standing desks help reduce worker’s compensation claims:
    As mentioned earlier in the blog, prolonged sitting cause MSDs that account for 33% of the businesses’ direct expenses on workers’ compensation. Common complaints include musculoskeletal problems like muscle strain and carpal tunnel syndrome. The use of standing desks makes employees less likely to complain about the health issues connected to prolonged sitting. Based on studies, employees gain more advantage if they stand for two hours divided throughout their shift. Standing desks helps employees to increase their longevity. A study found that those employees who halved the average six hours of sitting throughout their shift to three hours added two years to their life expectancy. In the process, they also improved their posture and reduced eye strain.
  3. A standing desk offers a choice to your employees: 
    Unlike an ordinary desk, a standing desk offers your employees a choice to sit or stand as per their preference. Standing desks offer mobility to the employees, keep them active at work, and reduce fatigue and drowsiness symptoms. Just standing for an hour helps the employees burn almost 50 times more calories than sitting does. The standing helps to recruit and retain employees, especially millennial workers, as they tend to be followers of recent trends and health-conscious than the older generation. 

So, the above-mentioned is why every business is opting for a standing desk instead of a regular desk. Due to demand in the market for standing desks, it attracts investors from all over to invest in the standing desks. If recent trends are to be believed, the standing desk market is expected to rise to $8.87 billion (approx.) in coming years. 

Therefore, it matters not if you are an individual buyer, or business owner, or investor. The standing desks will be beneficial( or profitable) for all segments because of their high yielding benefits in terms of employee productivity, MSDs cost reductions, or other profitable financial returns. To know more visit the website or read other blogs posted here.