We have known about the standing desks for the last decade, or if historical texts are to be believed the since about 15th century. We know that excessive sitting is like a slow poison for our body, but can standing be the antidote to that poison? Let us find out. In this blog, we will discuss some facts about the standing desks, which will help us find our answer to the previous question.


#1 Ergonomic standing desks can help you be smarter:

Indeed the above is true, but don’t jump the gun and think that it will brighten your brain’s dark corners within a minute. It will take time to flush out the negative impacts that your excessive sitting caused to your mind, and it won’t happen in an instant. Follow your sitting vs. standing time ratio diligently and continuously. Standing while working or studying will help you be better focused, improve your learning and memorizing capabilities and improve your reaction time. Ever wondered why you feel sluggish while sitting at your desk for hours? That’s because the lack of activity and bad posture signals our body and brain to slow down. The standing desk and good ergonomics help counter those adverse effects on health and keep you on your toes.

#2 Using a standing desk can help you live longer:

Though not a fountain of youth, standing desks do help in improving their user’s longevity. Sounds outrageous? I know, but it is true. It is a fact that sitting for six or more hours a day (even with daily exercises) reduces your lifespan up to 40% than those who sit for three or fewer hours. Since standing desks keep us active and standing most of the time, they help us avoid our comfortable and slow poison and thus, grant us an opportunity to live longer.

#3 Say goodbye to back pain:

Among the total work-related injuries, back pain is the biggest shareholder. Prolonged sitting and back pain have become synonym with each other. The human body is built to stand, not sit, or there was no need for evolution (R.I.P. Darwin). Sitting for long hours is the major cause of MSDs, especially back and neck related issues. An electric standing desk is an answer to the problem of back pain. Studies have shown a 78% chance of employees reporting a back-pain free day after using standing desks. 

#4 Using a standing desk help burn calories faster:

Did you know that standing helps burn calories at a rate of 50 cal/hr? Well, it is true, according to BBC’s news article Calorie burner: How much better is standing up than sitting?” If you do the maths, you will find that you can burn up to 30,000 calories every year just by standing 3 hours a day. This means you can lose your unnecessary kilos faster by sitting than sitting! Buring 30 thousand calories annually are equivalent to running several marathons every year, and you got these health benefits by just standing during your shift of work instead of sitting, imagine that!

#5 Standing can help you protect your heart from cardiovascular diseases:

It is better to alternate between sitting and standing instead of sitting for prolonged hours. Studies have found that standing for every two hours can lower the triglyceride by 11% and the total cholesterol ratio by 6%. More standing means faster blood circulation around the body. Also, standing helps your muscle burn more fat. Therefore standing helps reduce the chances of a blood clot in vessels significantly. So the fact is your hearts work better and healthier when you stand or work while using a standing desk.

#6 Standing desks can help boost your productivity:

Well sounds too optimistic, but yeah, a standing desk can be your solution to make your boss or project head happy with you and open the doors to possibly get a promotion. A recent study conducted by a reputed organization found that 43% of people reported increased productivity when using a standing desk. Concentration and productivity are inter-related, and a standing desk does help your concentrate more at work.

#7 Using a standing desk improves brain functionality:

 Standing desk helps the brain to be more active while at work. The more you move, the more cells are created in the part of the brain responsible for critical thinking. Brainstorming sessions are always best when performed standing. Many organizations have realized that and keep their employees on their toes to keep them engaged. Standing desks helps facilitate your brain and keeps you in tip-top shape.

#8 Standing Desks help delay muscle degeneration:

Sitting for a prolonged time can make your body often go into a hibernation mode. Where some muscle groups shorten, some become dormant. The easiest way to tackle this problem is to use a standing desk and perform regular desk exercises at intervals.

#9 Standing desks help you expend less energy:

Excessive sitting can be the cause of ADD or ADHD. Both issues can often result in short attention spans. A standing desk can help you be more focused and concentrated and expend excess energy while retaining the attention span needed for better work productivity.

#10 Standing desks help enhance your patience:

Prolonged sitting can cause stress and degrade our mood. Standing has been a major help in reducing stress and improving overall mood while stimulating the body to release endorphins, which cause natural high feeling in the body. So you can witch to a standing desk if you are looking for a change in attitude. 

Apart from these, standing desks also help strengthen the bones, and standing itself is an exercise, so it can help develop stronger bones, especially the femur, fibula, and tibia.

So these above mentioned are some of the interesting and amazing facts about standing desk. To know more, visit our website or read other blogs posted here.